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About me

Well there is not much to know about me, except that I am patriotic to the cause of a free and sovereign American Republic...free from tyranny, free from government intervention, free from Socialists, free from anyone who wishes the demise of the Western World!

I am a believer that all men and women should have the liberty to decide their own fate and create thier own good will and happiness. I can only wish that more people would adopt the attitude of self responsibility and independence, thereby liberating themsleves from the failure of Government.

My background... I was born in 1972 in a small sea-side town called Port Elizabeth, in South Africa. The youngest of 5 kids (1 died within a year of birth), we were raised by our Mother in a very humble setting. In comparison to all my friends, we were poor! We lived our entire life in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment right on the beach front. We never once owned a home, simply because my Mother couldn't afford it. She worked an 8 to 5 job 5 days a week until she retired at age 67.

In addition, she cooked every damn night that I can remember, and we are not talking about microwave dinners here folks, we are talking "real" cooked food. Dessert was never served until I finished my food and if I didn't finish it, I would be in trouble. The art of cooking....lost art among most people nowadays! My sister and I shared the responsibility of washing dishes, vacuuming and cleaning the windows...or else face the slipper of the "Iron Lady". We never owned a car, except for a small MINI which my younger sister decided to crash one Summer evening, and that was the end of it! For the rest we had to go with our Mother to town on a bus every Saturday and bring home the groceries by hand.

It was a strict upbringing where discipline was enforced regularly by the "Iron Lady", as I would call my Mom. She remains to me one of the most courageous and incredible woman I know. Man, if we disrespected our elders or even stepped out of line with my Mother, we would be severely punished. Hidings (or paddling as Americans know it) were given out routinely if things were not done when they were asked...none of this "time out" or "Johnny I'm counting to 3" crap.

I attended public school at Summerwood Primary and went on to graduate from Pearson High School. Our school mottos which we wore with pride were: "Do ye even so" (do unto other as they would do unto you) and "Maxime Do Operam" (I do my best). We had the best damn schools a parent could ever ask for: Strict discipline and respect was demanded, and uniform with blazer, tie and polished shoes was mandatory. The uniform gave the kids not only an identity to believe in, but also the respect and integrity to care for what was ours. There was no differentiation between race or economic standing, and we certainly didn't have "grief counselors" on staff.

[ Just as a side note; if any 16 or 17 year old punk would have come into our schools with any sort of weapon, he would have had the crap beaten out of him... and rightly so! These little brats that come on to school property with automatic weapons and have the intention of murdering fellow students should be sent to me, not some damn liberal Judge in the system. I will take them on a hunting trip they never will forget! ]

Nails had to be clipped, hair had to be short for the boys and tied up for the girls. No make-up, No walk-man, No gizmos of any sort. No crap was tolerated by any of the kids, especially boys, and our conduct as kids proved that the system worked. We showed respect to our elder, Teachers, Prefects and peers. Corporal punishment was dished out on a regularly basis if we stepped out of line, AND IT ALWAYS WORKED! We were caned with a bamboo cane for any misbehavior or disrespect shown; I am still a supporter of that today!!

Our curriculum was not some candy assed, walk-in-the-park, multiple choice Bull Squeeze like here in the US, but rather a curriculum based on intense learning and understanding. A curriculum which I can guarantee you the youth of today would have absolutely no chance in passing... they can barely fail nowadays with the "no child left behind" act. What a miserable thing to implement by the Government.

When it came to getting around, I had to either hike or bum a lift from my pals. My first bicycle I ever owned (age 9) I bought from a very good friend of my for R60 ($9), until my old Lady bought me a racing bike several years later, which I was most proud of. My first car was bought at age 29 right here in the US... a Dodge Ram Quad (Hemi baby!). Yip and I still have it and I am not getting rid of it either.

I had 4 best friends growing up: Edgar, Ian, Vaughan and Patrick. Patrick was a young black kid that I "adopted" when he was only 9 years old (I was 13 at the time). I took him under wing, clothed him , feed him and educated him. He couldn't read or write when I first met him and today, he is a skilled custom furniture craftsman. He has become part of my family to me and I miss him!

I remember there were tough times, but there were plenty of great times. I had the Ocean and beach to find solace in. I knew every nook and cranny on that beach front and I firmly believe to this day that there is not a square inch of Real Estate that I did not cover on that beach front.

You know, even though we didn't have much growing up as kids I am forever grateful to my Mother for at least providing us with the essentials that any child needs and that is food, clothes, a roof over our heads, disciplne and love. Even though at times understanding the love was difficult, it was later on in life that I realized just how difficult it was for my Mother....she had to be a Mom and still "wear the pants"!

There was no such thing as "pocket money" from my Mother, as there wasn't any money to give. Occassionally we would receive some money from my Father, but we had to work for our money! We used to gather Coke bottles to collect a 20c refund, or work at one of my best friends father's factories making surfing equipment. At Christmas times I used to work as a bar man and a waiter at the Holiday Inn. While in college, I worked as a waiter at the Porterhouse Restaurant until I got my first job with a small Advertising Agency!

After the subsequent and rather surprising handover (on a Silver Platter I might add) of the SA government to the Communist ANC in 1994, I decided to pursue my dream of moving over to the US. I left SA in 1996 and headed for London. I lived in the UK for 16 dreaded months, but gained valuable life experience from the trip. As members of the Common Wealth, I was able to work their and earn a respectable living, unlike some of the plebs and illegals living on the "Doll".

In 1997 I made the big move towards fulfilling my dream and with $1,500 in my pocket I moved across to the United States of America. Things have been great here ever since and to this day I am appreciative and grateful for having achieved what this great country has always offered those who wish to live "the American Dream". Happiness, Prosperity and Good Will... it's just a pity so few people here don't realize the opportunity that has been given to them.

To sum it up, we had a tough upbringing as kids, but one that I would never change for the world. If I were to go back I would want it to be the same. I believe my upbringing made me the motivated and driven man that I am today. I am well educated, well mannered and respectful.

Thanks Mother, for beating the tar out of me....it worked!!






Born: 1972, South Africa
Reside: USA

Weight: 230lbs
Height: 6'6"

Sports in like:
Working out
Snow Skiing
Wake Boarding (even though I suck right now)

Navy Seals

Weapons (Desert Eagle, Colt M4A1)

Blackwater USA
Italian Architecture

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