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US Foreign Policy

I have yet to understand US Foreign Policy today. I believe current U.S. Foreign Policy is what is making America weaker every day. Why the hell does this country want to stick their nose into everyone else's business? We have enough problems that need to be addressed on our own soil, yet we continue to meddle in the affairs of other nations.

Wake up people, vote for Senators and Congressmen who do not support a worldwide ideology of US intervention. We have Military bases and Military personnel on every continent in this world, and God knows in how many different countries! If there were to be a massive attack on this country tomorrow, just how the hell does anyone think that we could protect the people of the United States when our Military is stretched so thin.

If anyone can come up with a good reason why we need to make ourselves weaker here in the United States by having just about our entire Military personnel scattered all around the world, then maybe YOU should be running for President.....OR MAYBE NOT!! Our borders with Canada and Mexico are more vulnerable today than they were 20 years, and this is thanks to you idiotic minded Liberals and Politicians out there who are screwing this country up...might I remind you, that this is coming from a South African born immigrant, who is a proud American citizen.

More attention needs to be focused on the borders, else this country faces economic collapse. Look here, if you fools out there are voting either Democrat or Republican just because that is what you always vote for, then it's time you start paying attention to the Candidates who are truly in favor of shutting our borders. Hell, I am sick to death of paying taxes and seeing my hard earned tax dollars going to benefit some pleb who is downloading a kid in US hospitals while women born in this country have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to deliver a child....PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS, AND WHY THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE TOLERATE THIS NONSENSE??

The current candidates running for the 2008 election are all phony, except in my opinion for 3 gentleman. They are Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich (if and when he decides to announce that he is running).

It's ironic that we pay so much in taxes for the Federal Government to protect this great nation from invaders and people who wish to see the demise of the west, but yet we have a smaller navy now than ever before, our troops are dispersed across the globe, our borders are being penetrated everyday and our National Security is at threat. Never before in the history of the United States has world opinion of America been at an all time low. Hey, I don't give a damn either, but needless to say this country has absolutely NO business meddling in the affairs of other countries. WRONG YOU MIGHT SAY.....NO SIR/MADAM, YOU ARE WRONG!! I can prove it to you on many accounts.

This country has it's hands in so many pieces of pie, it's no wonder our country is crumbling. QUESTION IS, why are we meddling into other countries? It has nothing to do with US National Security or aid and assistance to the "weaker" nations of the world. IT'S GOT TO DO WITH MONEY AND POWER! Foolish you might say, well on the contrary folks. I can think of numerous countries that can be liberated by the US (Zimbabwe, Venezuela and North Korea), but that is not where the money lies therefore why bother. This country contributes more money and relief aid for "humane" causes than any nation in history. What a noble and honorable thing to do, but yet the US is still hammered by opposition and even more surprising, by some of it's own pathetic people. Like I said before, for those Americans living in this country who are so DAMN UNHAPPY, DO US ALL A FAVOR, AND PACK YOUR S.... AND LEAVE!!

This country cannot afford to get involved outside it's own borders and the Federal Government on all levels is doing a fabulous job of bringing this Republic to ruins. Nothing is made in America anymore, Corporations are moving their Headquarters and Manufacturing plants to other countries to avoid the heavy Tax burdens this mindless Government has placed on them. Educate yourself on FAIRTAX and help get this policy implemented to save this country from economic collapse.

My foreign policy is simple:

1) Bring back all the troops to the US, leaving behind just a small contingency in strategic locations to aid in Intel.

2) Kick the United Nations off US soil - WHO THE HELL NEEDS THESE COMMIE BASTARDS!

3) Restrict China from doing business with the US

4) Put an end to any foreign relief programs and monetary funding for 4 years

5) Strengthen alliances between Great Britain (they are going to face a crisis in years to come), Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

6) Abolish trade restriction on certain countries.

7) Establish a non-interventionist policy, AND LET THE REST OF THE WORLD SORT OUT THEIR OWN S....!!

8) Deny access to any Arab or foreign born Muslims into the United States and if you think that is prejudice, then YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT SIR!

9) Sign a War Pact with Britain, Israel, Australia and Canada (wishful thinking though) seeking the immediate need to launch a full Air Assault on Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Pakistan. This is not War mongering folks, this is a simple plan of survival.

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