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US Schools

Let me just say one thing; if I attended public schools here in the US today I would have already been offered an Honorary Doctorate from Harvard. It's amazing how many adults in this country really and truly believe that their children are getting a 1st class Education in these Government schools across the Nation.

It's indoctrination not education that your kids are getting!! Political Correctness has crept into the very halls and locker rooms that have educated our forefathers, and have subsequently been eroding our kids minds, to become weak individuals who are not equipped to take on the responsibilities of the "real world".

Parents proudly display these pathetic "My Child is an Honor Student at...." bumpers stickers, thinking that they have a born genius driving with them. Have you ever stopped to question your child on their knowledge of a particular subject, rather than believe what a Government organization is telling you is true? Probably not!! When was the last time your child actually picked up a book to read? I know it's far easier to allow your kids to play computer games all day and not hear their moaning voices, instead putting your damn foot down and disciplining them.

It is a known fact that US kids are far more dumb in comparison to their peers from other 1st World countries. Got your blood boiling yet? I'm 35 and I know more about American History, Politics, Geography, and Economics than an entire Family put together. Not to make it sound arrogant, but I have chosen to educate myself on the subjects and deem it important.

Fashion, Sports and Psychology are more important than an Education, in the eyes of most parents (the Mothers) and kids in America. Let's take Fashion first. Heaven forbid your precious child goes to school feeling like he or she doesn't "fit in". After all that will destroy their feelings right!

Schools across the nation place way too much emphasis on Sports, and thus education takes a back seat! I wonder what is more important to Parents in this country, having a High School sports stud that has NO long term future, let alone a brain, or an educated child, who can still play sports, but will ultimately achieve success in Business and life one day. But wait, that's not important because most of you Candy-ass parents give your children what they want in any case....so why work for it right!

Political Correctness is rife in Universities across America. This pathetic Liberal mentality is destroying not only your child's education, but this country as well. Do any of you folks know just how many anti-American, liberal Professors there are trying to teach your Kids!! In addition, there are numerous student movements dedicated to the demise and destruction of this Republic. I thought Universities were meant to be Institutions of Higher Learning, rather than a podium for Political and Social agendas.

Bottom line is, that we are breeding a generation of selfish, ill-mannered brats, and we as adults are responsible for this crisis. It's disgusting to think we are forced by the Federal Government to pay taxes to help our schools, but we have no say in how that money should be delegated. When the hell are you people out there going to wake up?

April 2008
Here we ago again!! It's April 2008 and what do have on the news again across the US, but another teenage brat caught with his pants down. This idiotic teenager (14 years old) in FL is arrested with an arsenal that most al-Qu'ida terrorists would marvel over. This little piece of dog squeeze should've had the living tar beaten out of him.

Just another case of poor parenting and the failure of American schools nowadays to eliminate an obvious socio/economic imbalance in schools by allowing these "teenagers with attitudes" to come to school with ipods, cell phones, make-up, designer clothing, designer hand bags and other forms of rubbish.

Poor little sods, we may upset them if we try and discipline them and heaven for bid they struggle from an identity crisis if they don't have their Abercrombie shirt or Apple ipod.





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