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My run for the Presidency

I want to run for Office. Yes, you read correctly. I want to run to be the President of the United States of America. So what if I am not an American born citizen, fact is I am more damn American than most boneheads born in this country. I am well educated, intelligent , resourceful and patriotic. I respect the flag and honor the Pledge of Allegiance, unlike Barack Obama. I am aware of the obvious short comings of this Government and the atrocities that go on in America today. I recognize the failure in the American Judicial system and the lack of more disciplined and cohesive education system. The current American tax system (the dreaded IRS) is an abomination and needs to be abolished to allow an even more Capitalist environment to flourish.

I am against big government, pro military, pro family, pro education, pro America and very much opposed to illegal immigration (I didn't say IMMIGRATION!!!). I believe that America can be strengthened through stern leadership and a vision to change the way the current system is working. How one might say, well that's a tough question to answer. A start would be to stop spending tax payer money on futile and pathetic causes around the world. America and it's citizens have enough problems of their own and we should not be handing out money to the basket cases of the world. These mindless charity organizations that help people around the world with food and water bought with by American tax dollars or from the pockets of charitable Americans, need to refocus on the main issue at hand.....educating these people to become self-sufficient and independent!

It's high time the citizens of this great nation have the right to choose from a few more Presidential candidates than those that just having the financial backing. Since when should any Presidential Election outcome be determined on how much money you have to support your campaign over the real reason one would vote for any candidate....the essence of their character and what they stand for! Today we have people voting for Obama ONLY because he is black... what a bunch of ignorant dumb asses.

Leadership does not stem from ones ability to rely on experience for change, but rather the ability to be able to make people believe in you and understand the changes or actions that you have either made or wish to make. Leadership is having the gift of vision and making people trust that your decisions are sound and for the better of a people. Leadership is making tough decisions when no one else will. Leadership is protecting all that is good for the people and in this case it is protecting the culture and sovereignty of the United States of America. Look where the socalled "experience" of the current members of the House and Senate have gotten usa today. If they were serving as Representatives back in the 1800's most of them would have been hung for treason.

So much emphasis is placed on Race, Poverty and Dependence in American elections that it is sickening. Why not deal with people, education and independence from Government for a start!? I am white, you are black and your pal is asian, so get over it. You are poor, your friend is rich and I am wealthy, so get over it. White people more often than not tend to vote for a white candidate and more often than not black people will vote for a black candidate. The only reason why these Democrats get the minorities to vote for them, is because of the continuing enabling of that Communist Party. This enabling mentality that the Democrats have created in the minds of not only the minorities in this country, but also the poor whites, have resulted in a people that have become lazy, envious and obscene in their expectations of their so-called rights as Americans. The Black population is suffering in America not because they are being oppressed, but because they are spinning their wheels in a system that was designed to make them fail and rely on the government...just for a damn vote!

I know plenty of Black people who are successful, work hard and play by the rules. Sometimes they are ridiculed by their own people for being successful or wanting to be like "the white folk"....how immature and ignorant! There are plenty of white folk living off social welfare because they can and have subsequently taken advantage of the system, and they are pathetic for doing so!! I do not tolerate lazy minded individuals or people who use their own problems to get somewhere or something in life. Blood, sweat and tears is what made America great and now we have Beer, Paxil and a damn Kleenex that is destroying America. People have become complacent and dependent. They have become shallow and pitiful and just like the children of today are being taught, that if you cry or moan enough you simply get what you want, so too are many of the Adults in this nation getting away with things.

If this country is going to survive then people need to get over the whole race issue and tackle the real problems that threaten the existence of the citizens of the United States. Cut the crap of hyphenated words and get rid of this degenerating Political Correctness that is consuming this nation. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped immediately and people need to get a grip over this notion that America is this country that anyone can just call it home.....yeah sure, if you are willing to learn how to speak English and integrate into this culture, the same damn way I did. I didn't come over here and try and set up "South African American" community or try and speak Afrikaans and establish a Afro-centric community. I came here to integrate into American society, and live and play by the rules, so remember the damn expression..."when in Rome do as the Romans do"!

I can and will bring back the goodness of what made America great.... hard work, education and willingness to succeed. A country that once liberated itself from the tyranny of Imperialism and the oppression of Communistic ideals in Europe. Where men and women, both black and white fought to make this country great and stood up against those who sought the demise of something that is wonderful, something that so beautiful and that something is the United States of America.

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