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Freedom of Speech

I think one of the most incredible rights any human can have is Freedom of Speech. I mean where else in the world can you say what the hell you want to, other than in America, and get away with it. People in this country pride themselves on their constitutional right to say whatever they want, even if it's unpatriotic towards their country or defamatory in nature.

How pathetic of people in this country to use their so-called right to free speech when it concerns humiliating and denigrating members of the United States Armed Forces. This country is so damned concerned with political correctness, that it's sickening. Call a spade a spade, if you don't like me to bad for you! Oh, and if you so freaking unhappy in this great country, or upset that cannot find a job, why don't you pack your belongings and move to Europe, or even better, one of the great democratic countries in Africa. I bet you're too much of a candy-ass to do that, because you are protected by the privileges that this awesome country provides you.

Here are a few reasons where I think Freedom of Speech has been taken to the limit:

1.) Liberals for a start are screwing this country up royally, the same way Liberals have destroyed European culture. Their actions displayed on University campuses around the nation are treasonous, cowardly and disgusting to say the least. They can thank their lucky stars that I am not the President of this country, because I would have rounded them up and shipped them off to China.

The last time I checked, Universities were meant to be institutions of higher learning, but instead we have a bunch of candy-ass adolescents and Islamic bastards running around thinking they are more intelligent than Einstein, brandishing banners and slogans of anti-American propaganda; reminiscent of the idiotic hippie culture of the 60's.

What a marvelous job these kids' parents are doing, what do you think? My mother would have beaten the tar out of me, oh but wait, kids have to be protected in this country. Can you imagine a bunch of conservative or Christian kids running around campuses waving banners and slogans slamming gays or groups associated with Political Correctness, like the ACLU, CAIR and other such terrorist organizations? Yeah you heard me right these organizations are pathetic!!

2.) Here is one of my favorites!! Black rappers have the most derogatory lyrics among all genres of music today and yet they are very seldom ridiculed by the Blacks of this country. Blacks, and even people on the street, use the term Nigger so frequently that it's just not funny. As bad a word as it is, why the hell don't people practice what they preach. What hypocrisy is this? Yeah, yeah, so you think it's just for the entertainment, well so too was Don Imus' statement of the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Tell you the truth, most looked like Allen Iverson to me!! To me a word is a word, but I guess to some of these geniuses in this country, they have never heard of the phrase "stick and stones"

3.) Just this week there is this gay thing going on, where else but in San Fransicko, where these 12 or 13 homosexuals in Sado Masochist gear are around a table mimicking the Last Supper.

Hey, I'm not that religious to begin with, but the disrespect shown to those of the Christian faith is astounding. Can you imagine a group of 12 white males in this country playing out a scene of Dr Martin Luther King while he is seen with a Southern Flag wrapped around his neck, surrounded by a bunch of red necks spitting pumpkin seeds at him. God, can you imagine... Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of these race Pimps would be feasting on them. Just another case of Politcal Correctness.

Dare a bunch of heterosexuals come up with a commercial using derogatory terms such as queer or homo, and they will be blasted for that.

4) It's okay for the Islamic Bastards with their caveman mentality to stand on the corners of streets in European and American cities yelling "hate speech", as you candy ass Liberals refer to as it. Put a white man on the streets calling for the death of Iranian President, and the ACLU and CAIR are all over you. These groups need to be abolished and have the leaders shipped the hell out of America.

Gays and minorities, muslims and murders, illegals and liberals can say whatever the hell they want in America and get away with it. If a heterosexual white person says anything remotely Politcally Incorrect, the whole world comes to an end and CNN, ABC News and all these our liberal proganda media outlets blow things out of proportion. Why the hell do people even watch these News Channels?? Fox News has more viewers than CBS, CNN, ABC and MSNBC combined. These jounalists and reporters are absolutely clueless.

What Bull Squeeze is this people?! Are we so damned clueless to realise that Politicians, Race Pimps, Defense Attorneys and members of the socialist Democratic Party are trying to divide the hard working citizens of this country. Hell we the people have the power and we need to use it, afterall we are Tax Payers of this country and it wasn't until 1913 when the 16th Amendment was ratified that the Federal Government "ordered" us to start paying taxes.

I don't want to pay taxes period!!! Implement the Fairtax and America becomes stronger and everyone is on an even playing field. Obviously the lazy folks out there who despise the rich need to get off their asses and work smarter and harder to achieve financial freedom. Sitting on your ass every night eating potato chips, drinking beer, having your nails done or reading PEOPLE magazine isn't going to get you any where in life. Go to a library, it's free, and read books on how to better educate yourself and put you in a position of power, rather than rely on the Government to be your baby sitter.




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