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Global Warming Myth

Seeing as though Global Warming is always a topic for debate at any lunch and dinner outing, I might as well hammer on the topic. Personally I think Global Warming is a load of horse squeeze. Just like these fad diets and the ongoing "get rich" TV commercials in the USA, the media along with Al Gore seems to have convinced everyone that Global Warming is eminent and that we are the cause and that the Earth is pretty much in peril.

Firstly, have any of you out there even studied Geography or Climatology, or even read a book on it? Secondly, let's set the record straight here...is it Global Warming or Global Pollution of the Atmosphere, because if it is the latter, then I am in complete agreement!? The premise behind the Global Warming conspiracy is that we are the cause for the earth's supposed rise in temperature and that the polar ice caps are melting due to the sea temperature rising. Just as there are many Scientists who claim that we are responsible for these events around the world, there are many well known Scientists who refute this claim. If you are going to be as idiotic about this topic as Kanye West who claimed that "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" when the hurricane Katrina incident happened, then there isn't any hope for you (Did Kanye ever go to school....probably not....I'm sure his racist black pal Ray Nagin really gives a shit about the people of NO....incompetent fool).

What the hell do you people think is going to happen? Do you think the earth is suddenly going to erupt into a ball of fire and incinerate as all!? Do you think the polar ice caps are going to melt in less than 5 years and cause the water level to rise 20 feet and destroy every city on the continent's sea board? If you do, then keeping reading (if you can read) your Conspiracy Theory books. This country has enough conspiracy theories going around that one could easily see why there are so many ignoramuses in the US.

Yes the Industrial world is responsible for putting out dangerous and harmful pollutants and CO2 into the atmosphere, but we are not causing the earth to "heat-up". Go and read up about the Ice Ages, or read up about how the Sun is heating up....read something other that watching your mindless TV, or Al Gore's movie on Global Warming. On average, the earth's temperature has only risen 1 degree in the past century. Sure some places have seen temperatures rise to record breaking numbers, but then so too have some places seen record lows, so what is that then, Global Cooling!? New ice shelves are being created everyday, but the media won't show that. The same way the liberal media won't show the positive things around the world, just the negative.

I believe that we could be entering another ice age. The earth is an ever changing complex world with a string of naturally occurring phenomenon that can cause lethal gases to be released into the atmosphere or even emit CO2 into the atmosphere. Volcanos, Trees, Soil and the Ocean all play a part in the way the earth's climate is changing. It's a natural phenomenon people. To reiterate, yes we are definitely causing more pollutants in the atmosphere, destroying forests and polluting the ocean, but try and think about the premise behind Global Warming for a second.... the earth is heating up and we are to blame. BS, is what I say! For people to assume that we are the absolute root cause to this myth is ludicrous.

Methane gases, which have been around for over 3.5 Billion years, are just as dangerous, if not more, than the CO2 and other towxic gases we are emitting into the atmosphere. You morons that are so convinced that "MAN" is the big problem, need to start traveling and reading. The single largest contributing thing of methane gas is rice paddies and wetlands...so folks, shall we just go ahead and rip up the Pantanal Wetlands, Danube River Delta, Kafue Floodplain or the Okavango Delta, seeing as they are the World's largest wetlands!? Afterall they are leading causes of greenhouse gases...educate yourself, before you make a conclusion to something you have no idea what you are talking about.

Methane Gas - link 1

Methane Gas - link 2

Methane Gas - link 3

I do think that the US should switch from fuel driven vehicles to hydrogen or some alternative source, because it just seems a little archaic to be still driving cars that are dependent on fossil fuels, besides we can put the Oil Companies out of business or force them to lower their prices (rather than have the Governemtn impose more taxes on them!!). God.....we have the technology, but our wonderful Government is doing nothing about it. I guess the Politicians are too afraid of losing the handsome kickbacks that these giant oil companies award them. If we were to switch to alternate fuel sources, it would collapse these corporation, and God forbid, we can never do that.....I say adapt to change or die, and the same applies for these Oil Giants!

I have a solution to the problem! If all you folks out there are so adamant that we are going to sizzle up and died, then start enrolling into NASA's program to colonize the Moon or one of the distant planets....go freeze your gonads off. All I can say is thank God the US did not sign the communist Kyoto Accord.


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