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Government Spending

What in the Hell are they thinking? Yeah that's right! What are the politicians in Washington thinking!? They are an absolute disgrace to their position and that includes 95% of all members of the Congress, the Senate and the Executive Branch.

Yesterday (April 2008) President Bush goes and gives $200 Million of our hard earned tax dollars to Emergency Food Aid, where else, but in Africa! Who the hell are we kidding here folks. We are working our asses off in the US (well some of us!) and the Federal Government is doing whatever the hell they want with our money. Screw that, I am sick to death of our tax dollars going to benefit social and economic causes around the world without our consent. That money ought to be spent on America soil and for American citizen, and if you don't agree with that then piss off and move to Africa. Doesn't anyone remember that President Bush bailed Africa out of "some" of it's debt just a few years ago...only $20 Billion! Good God, are you people OK with this crap that is happening to your own country?

Have any of you ever driven into any poverty-stricken areas in the US, or visited Walter Reid Hospital? I have (not Walter Reid) and I was shocked. My discontent for the lazy and ignorant dumb asses of this country is one thing, but using our tax dollars for charitable causes around the world is a load of bullshit. We have men, women and children that are all suffering in the United States and Military personnel that are treated like shit when they return home from a tour. Yeah sure, they are given a much deserving hero's welcome, but some who have suffered life threatening injuries and are unable to walk, much less work, are having to struggle to get disability money from our failing Federal Government. I know.....you don't give a shit! WELL I DO!!! These men and women are providing the very Freedoms and Security that you as a citizen of this country take for granted.

How wonderful of the Federal Government to once again use Tax Payer money to bail out Bear Stearn. Yeah, so I am not an Economic Grad, BFD, but I do know that many companies have "gone under" in the US and many have risen to be Giant's. For the Federal Government to give $30 Million to help BS, is a joke. This company also happens to be one of the Companies the FBI is investigating into in regards to the recent sub-prime Mortgage fraud. So what, a few people would have lost their jobs and according to Economic Advisors the market could have worsened as a result of them going out of business...I'm sure we have seen worse. To hell with Bear Stearns, I hope they go out of business!

It's so ridiculous that small businesses and hard working people in this country have to be penalized for their success. I don't see the Government helping small business or the income earners that work their arse off to make $100k to $200k. NO, instead they bail out idiots who own homes that they cannot afford or whose rate just adjusted and now can't afford their payments because they didn't know.....CAN'T YOU READ, YOU MORONS! Goes to show the complete and utter stupidity of the American buying public.

If you bought too much house and you can't afford it.....TOO BAD! If you credit was sketchy to begin with and are now stuck in a house where your rates have adjusted to the point of being unaffordable....TOO BAD! I'll be the one buying your damn house in future! NO ONE deserves a house if they don't earn enough, have bad credit or whose debt to income ratios are out of control.

I see Lockheed, Northrop Grumman and other manufacturers of US military weapons and transportation still have wonderful contracts with the Federal Government. Now, I support the likes of these companies and I am 100% in favor of our tax dollars been spent on a cause to strengthen our Military, BUT NOT WHEN WE DON'T USE THE EQUIPMENT.

Like I have said before, what the hell is the point of having these bombers and fighter planes, Navy Destroyers etc when we barely use them in warfare. This Iraq war could have been over in 1 year or less. Send in the Air Cavalry and carpet bomb that entire region. The Navy could demolish anything it wants at coastal ports with their cruise missiles. SIMPLY PUT....WE DON'T USE OUR MILITARY ARSENAL AFFECTIVELY NOUGH AND THE WAY IT WAS DESIGNED, therefore don't waste MY tax dollars.

If you are going to F around and do a little bombing here and do a little bombing there, then build 12 bombers or so, NOT current 50 or 60 we have in service and the 183 F-22 Raptors that we will have in service by 2011. I like the arsenal, but for God sake's, let us use it when we are threaten, instead of allowing our troops to die.

Senators and Congressmen alike are notorius for spending like drunken sailors, and this bullshit needs to come to an end. I will galdly run for Senate and NOT expect a dime from the people, not even medical. I would pay for my own flights too and from Washington. The abuse of power that is displayed by these Politicians is not only below the belt, but down right treasonous and should be punishable by death....yes you heard me right!

Thanks to the current Administration we have almost doubled the size of Government and both Republicans & Democrats are spending our money like druken whores. This war, which I was a supporter of, has cost us $700 Billion Dollars. Instead our men and women are dying there in a War that has taken way too long to fight. Shit, we are moving into the 8th year of the war with the strongest Military the World has ever seen and fighting a bunch of pussies, yet this war has taken longer to fight and cost more to the taxpayers of the US than the Largest War of all times...the Second World War. Like I have said before, if you keep diplomacy at bay, get rid of these Politicians so that the Generals can do what they do best and shut these idiotic liberals up, this war could have been over in 2 years, maybe less!






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