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It's a fact that more people would be healthier both mentally and physically if they were to just exercise and eat properly, but seeing as though most people are to lazy to do so, we have no one else to blame but our selves. Most illnesses can be avoided to some degree, but ignorance in regards to exercise and nutrition never seizes to amaze me.

This is a little off the topic....but, the junk that most parents are feeding their children nowadays is child abuse in my opinion, and is contributing to the large numbers of obese teenagers in America and the increasingly large number of kids that are being diagnosed with so-called mental illnesses, such as the phony ADD and ADHD diseases which a lot of you parents so adamantly believe exist. THEY DON'T....if you're kid can play XBOX for 3 to 4 hours at a time, there is no way in hell they suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. Try paying attention to your kids and feed them healthy and nutritious food...but I know how tough that is for most of you, because it requires effort and you're too damn lazy to do anything about it!!!

I am shocked that the FDA can even allow the drug companies to manufacture a lot of these drugs, but then I understand why.....the perks and financial kick backs the drug companies offer these Commissioners is disgusting to me. Their lobbyists are the ones that are oiling this corruptive wheel of deceit.

Case in point for you idiotic parents out there who are unable to discipline and control your children, is good old Ritalin, Dexedrol and a few others not to mention. How many of you folk out there know that these drugs are an amphetamine....yes, the very same drugs you are against people taking in the privacy their own homes. What hypocrites you parents are, drugging your own children, and probably even yourself, and then voting legislature to ban the use of drugs....how pathetic. These drugs are dangerous for kids and yet you have some damn psychiatrist, who is probably on some form of narcotic himself, telling you that he thinks your 4 year old or 6 year old should be on Ritalin. I would assume that considering you are okay with drugging your kids from a young age, you might be more understanding and forgiving on those (maybe even your own kids oneday) who choose to knock back a little "speed" every now and again.

Now back to Health Care..... Private Tax-free Health Insurance Plan, Implementation of Laws restricting or denying illegal immigrants any form of health care, the implementation of a privatized diet program to educate the schools on the importance of healthy and nutritious foods (seeing as the the US Dept of Education and the US Dept of Health don't have a damn clue) and the abolishment of all frivolous Law Suits against Drug Companies and Doctors (they are crippling the medical field!!), are just a few solutions to solving Health Care in this country.

Tax-free Health Insurance Plan: For self employed individuals, the Federal Government should allow a portion of their federals taxes to be used for an Insurance Policy of their choice. This would be allowed tax free of course and enable Millions of hard working Americans to afford Health Care. After all every American who is dishing out taxes to the IRS is entitled, in my opinion, to use a portion of their taxes towards a Health Insurance Plan....wouldn't you agree? Socialized Medicine is NOT THE WAY TO GO, so if you believe in that then move your ass to Canada!!

No Medical to Illegals: I am sick to death of seeing the illegals in this country get away without having to foot a bill for Medical expenses. As a foreigner to this great land, I am disgusted that this country's Politicians and Policy makers will not put an end this madness. If any of you people disagree with me on this point, then maybe you will be so kind enough to pay for my medical expenses, seeing as though I don't have any Health Insurance.

Why the hell should I have to pay for any Medical expenses then, and it's not just me, but the thousands of American citizens who are being wronged by this failing Federal Government. It seems as though common sense no longer prevails in the Senate or House, question is, has it ever?

These illegals, some of them who don't even want to integrate into this society, are downloading kids at alarming rates, while American citizens are having to pay fat sums of money just to have a kid or two. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are okay with this then so be it. Your grandchildren to come, will suffer and pay for your ignorance, but then again why should you care...you're living the moment right!! Hospitals across this Nation are facing economic collapse due to the Medical care they have provided to illegal immigrants, and this crisis will continue. In California alone hospitals are being forced to close down at an alarming rate due to the treatment of illegal immigrants....and you idiotic Democrats out there who want to vote for Hitlary and her socialized medical plan...go for it. You will be standing in line wondering what the hell you were thinking voting for this communist.

Canada and Great Britain are 2 examples where socialized medicine is failing dismally and the tax payers are being persecuted for it. Way to go folks, some of you are to damn lazy to take care of yourselves so you need the Federal Government to look after you...what a bunch of candy-asses.

Hey, anyone out there want to sponsor me, I am in desperate need of medical attention so any donation will be appreciated, you can email me at helpmysorryass@socializedmedicine.com



There is no fair playing field in this matter. I don't give a damn about being humane when it comes to this topic. When you talk about doing "what is right", then allow Tax Paying American Citizen's that right as well, after all they have earned that right given that they were born in this country. I didn't come to this country to make a future for myself and see my hard-earned tax dollars pay for some "pleb" who wants to download a critter or two.

Privatized Diet Programs: Legislation, on the Local level, should be implemented to start privatized diet/nutrition programs for schools. The crap that schools are feeding your kids is disgusting to say the least. The foods are enriched and processed, loaded with artificial flavors and colors, and are filled with preservatives and sugars. Are some of you parents out there so damn ignorant to the fact that what your kids stuff in their mouths at school will ultimately affect their behavior, not to mention their physical appearance.

Kids are given way too many choices at lunch and should be limited to but a few healthy choices, thereby compelling them to eat nutritious food. But no, that is apparently not what most of you parents care about. Again your precious little children have to have whatever they want and God help them if they don't. Parents in America are to blame for their kids becoming complete and utter "Pansies" nowadays, let alone the fact that many are rude little imps.

It is a scientific fact that if you consume to much sugar it will weaken your immune system and make your body more susceptible to sickness, but hey, don't believe what I say because your Doctor is a born genius in the field, not so? Very few Doctors know just how bad refined sugars are for you, and most of you parents out there are just as clueless by feeding your kids all these wonderful fruit juices poisoned with High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar or other sucrose derivatives. Fruit Juices, Sodas and sugary "treats" are contributing to making your kids either over weight or behaving in an uncontrollable manner. Research it your self!!!

By having privatized diet/nutrition programs in schools for kids it will enable them to concentrate and feel a lot better physically. Ultimately it will strengthen your kid's immune system and minimize the risk of becoming sick in future, thereby lessening the need to visit a Doctor.

Get rid of Frivolous Law Suits: I cannot believe the number of frivolous Medical Law Suits that Liberal Judges in this country have allowed to go to trial. These Judges should be fired from their positions of power as they have absolutely no business on the bench....who the hell puts these morons there in the first place??

The immense cost of these frivolous Law Suits has forced a lot of Drug Companies and Doctors in the nation to pass the expense on to none other than YOU the consumer. This is not rocket science here people. Just look at the large number of absurd medical law suits that have made news over the past 10 years or so, and you will hopefully realize that these insane law suits are part of the reason for the increasing cost of medicine in the US.

Having said that, I don't believe that a lot of these drugs are good for people in any case, so why the hell take them. The FDA and the Drug Companies are in bed with each other, and they continue to manufacture dangerous medicine that not even a Neanderthal would snort before a hunt. In addition, there are way to many doctors that shouldn't be practicing medicine in this country. Malpractice is one area however that I do believe needs some looking into. There have been some horrific cases of Medical malpractice in this country and some form of justice needs to be served in instances of neglect.

The solution is to force Congress to pass a bill to eradicate any and all frivolous law suits from dumb asses bent on being paid fat sums of money to appease them. Give these nut jobs a oversized Band-Aid for their head and send them on their merry way. I believe by applying the above mentioned policies into practice we can solve a lot, but not all, of Health Care issues plaguing the Medical Crisis in America.

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