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Islamic Facists

My take on Islam.... In my opinion Islam is the most oppressive and vial faith that has ever existed on this planet. Islam is not a religion, it is a movement led by 2nd century tyrannical minded bafoons who wish to spread their oppressive message by the use of propaganda and terror. I don't give a damn what you think, but a religion that preaches hate, oppresses women and wants to see the demise of Western civilization needs to be eradicated. Harsh words you might think, but stop and ponder for just one minute how the families of the 9/11 victims might feel, or how about the families of all those individuals who have been beheaded by these Islamic-facists, let alone the people who have been persecuted in the name of their own faith.

You folk out there who think Islam is just another great religion in this world need to have your heads checked, or quit watching the crap on TV that is making you more stupid than you already are. The United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and many other western civilizations that have adopted a socialist form of Government, are now paying the price for letter these Islam bastards into Europe. The leaders of Europe should round these Islamic goons an d ship them the hell back to where they came from. They are destroying European culture, the same way they have continued to destroy there countries in the Middle East.

Prejudice you say, YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT....I don't give a shit about anyone or any religion that doesn't respect other people's religious view points and people. These Islamic facists are openly demonstrating their hatred toward Europe and the Christian faith by brandishing banners and slogans of hatred, bringing fear into the minds of most people. Don't be afraid of these damn fools, they are nothing but a bunch of Neadrathals with dirty beards and idiotic male egos. Anyone who believes in Martyrdom is an idiot, especially when it involves killing innocent civilians. I will show these bastards the way to Allah in way they will never forget....come with me on a $%#@& fishing trip off the coast of South Africa, and I will introduced them to Carcharodon carcharias. Their goal is to wipe Christianity off the map and convert as many of you sheeple into Muslims, but hey I sure you are all OK with that. It's OK for these nut jobs to spew their message of hatred and bigotry while I will be the one condemned for speaking out against their putrid religion.

I don't need convincing from any person about how wrong I am on the subject of Islam. I don't have my head my ass and I pay attention to what is going on around the world, not just here in America. The number of Muslim groups contributing financial aid to terrorist organizations like Hamas is alarming and even within our own country. The number of radical muslim splinter cells within the United States is growing and it's only a matter of time before another catastrophe is delivered....wait and see my friends!! I cannot sit here and watch these bastards destroy what our forefathers created. These facists take free speech in this country to a new level; it's only free speech if it doesn't offend their Islam. Go to hell with that is what I say. I think Americans take Free Speech for granted and here is why. You folk out there who think that it is OK to allow these radical Muslims to march and wave banners in American cities (no doubt the Liberal cities) touting "death to George Bush and Tony Blair", or "Bomb the USA" or "Islam will be the only religion on earth" are utterly stupid and ignorant (no doubt a prodigy of Government Schools in America). However if I am your neighbor and decide to picket out on my front lawn one day saying that I am going to kill all my neighbors by name, you folk will have me arrested....go figure. I am a Patriotic American citizens and you will arrest me, but not a bunch of Muslim maniacs threatening your very existence in this country. Why doesn't freedom of speech protect me then, or even your child at school, if either threatens another kid or neighbor? Yet another classic example of the double standard that exists. It really goes to show just how dumb people really are!

What has happened to the Americans that stood up for their country and stood up for their freedoms that were given to them from the men and women that slaved to make America great, to make America the sovereign nation it once was. Are you people too chicken to say a damn thing?! I know this Government is corrupt and none of the politicians can be trusted, but new ones can be elected. All these politicians in the Senate and House are a bunch of geriatrics, but you bafoons keep putting them there. We don't need stale Politicians with liberal agendas governing our country, because they are aiding in this treachery to allow Muslims to take control of this country, one minute step at a time.

Islam is a religion that preys on weak individuals. Take the continent of Africa for example and the Millions of people have converted to Islam; with dire consequences. The people of Africa are innocent and naive so just think how easy it is to convert masses of uneducated people into believing that Islam is a peace loving religion. Surprisingly even in the US and Europe there are large numbers of people converting to Islam, seeking a "way out" and it's not surprising to me that most converts are Black people. Why not prey on the uneducated masses and spread their message through dominance and oppression. Given the choice, I would be willing to bet anyone that if you were to ask kids up to about 15 years of age who have not yet been indoctrinated into this so-called religion, what they would choose, hands down it would the more loving and tolerant faiths of Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism.

What the hell are we thinking when we see these Islamic goons in the streets from Lebanon to Syria and London to Manila displaying acts of hatred. Why aren't the local governments or SEALS going in there and taking these MF's (Muslim Fanatics) out. When is Israel going to unleash the metal rain down on those bastards who wish their demise. This world would be a better place if the US, Israel, Great Britain and Australia would bring the fight to these savages, and send these Muslim zealots back to the stone age....where they belong!


This Muslim bastard along with all you other Muslim sympathizers, can go to hell. Until Islam is eradicated from the face of this earth, we will continue to have these bafoons running around saying and oing whatever the hell they want.

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