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Legalize Drugs

The United States spends about 19 Billion Dollars a year on the “War on Drugs” (http://www.drugsense.org/wodclock.htm) . What an absolute waste of money and an ignorant and futile attempt by the Federal Government to curtail the use of drugs. Don’t you think we as people can find something better to spend our Tax dollars on, than this mindless and pathetic “War on Drugs”. Since when is the Federal Government in control over what you as a human consume or take in the privacy of your own home.

Hell you drink alcohol don’t you!? Why doesn’t the Government ban the consumption of alcohol….it destroys just as many families, causes men to become violent and is ultimately responsible for more deaths (approximately 100,000 a year) on the road than the use of certain drugs.

Now let me get one thing straight; I don’t condone the use of drugs, but I certainly do not believe in telling people what they can and can not do in their lives. Do any of these drug users take away your freedom to exist, or even threaten your very existence? I tell you, go to a Football game and sit in the stand next to a bunch of moronic, drunken males with their bodies all painted in the colors of their supporting team, and you are more likely to be at risk of injury.

I despise the use of drugs and I find it incredibly weak of the human addiction to drugs. Drug addicts and alcoholics alike are always full of excuses or are never to blame for anything; they are cowards to say the least. They always fail to realize that they are the root cause of their “evil” and that they have chosen to live their life feeling the need to be on a “high”.

Having said that, here is another bit of hypocrisy that you are probably a part of. I bet you that some one in your family is on some form of prescriptive medication; antidepressants, pain killers or any of the millions of prescriptive medications that are on the market today.

It’s disgusting to think how many of you parents have your child on mind altering drugs, otherwise known as antidepressants, for diseases like ADD or ADHD that simply do not exist (http://www.thomasarmstrong.com/articles/does_add_exist.htm). God, feed your kid a balanced diet (in other words NO CRAP), discipline him or her, make sure they get plenty of exercise and spend valuable time with them (Yeah I am sure you all do…yeah right!). Same goes for you folks wanting to pop pills for pain, pop pills for your liver, pop pills for your bladder, pop pills for your diet…..get real!! Instant gratification is not going to be the cure, when are people going to understand this concept?!

To make matters worse on us Tax Payers, we are funding the imprisonment of these Drug perpetrators (about another 5 Billion Dollars per year, yes 5 Billion) and it’s only getting worse.

If you believe in this ridiculous fight against Drugs, then quit giving your damn kids these dangerous drugs, or quit taking these prescriptive medications that make you cope with life.


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