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Our Military

The United States Military is the greatest Military in the World. Although I have not served in the Military, I am a stern supporter and advocate for all our men and women in uniform. I would like to express my gratitude to those who have served and continue to serve today in our Armed Forces...thank you, you are all hero's in my book!

Never since the start of the 2nd World War has a country displayed such loyalty and courage to help others around the World in times of need. The United States Military deserves the respect not only from the citizens of America, but the of those whose lives have been impacted by the US Military.

What is so disheartening to me is to see so many young (and old) "anti-War" morons running around bashing the US Military on American soil. If I ever witness an event where some idiot displays anti-Military slogans, I will personally beat the living dog squeeze of of him. You see these skanky women and out-of-touch hippies denigrating our Military all the time.

Like anything in life, I am sure the US Military does have it's fair share of misfits who have consequently tarnished the reputation of a certain Military branch. But, I can promise you no more than some of the dispicable Congressman and Senators who ought not be serving our country PERIOD!!!

I just wish that all out troops could get a fair shake from now on and be treated with the diginity and respect they so rightly deserve, especially when they return home from duty! They are fighting for your freedom and what makes America the country it is today.

If you find fault in what they do or stand for, then YOU don't seserve to live in the United States of America.







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