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Racist Culture Presiding

I have to laugh at the Political Correctness of people in the United
States. Most black people in America are undoubtedly voting for Obama, just because he is black....oh and of course, let's not forget that he the "New Savior" of the people. "The One" that will transcend racial divide, hey maybe he will even part the Red Sea and give passage for the poor in Africa to Syria, or better yet maybe he will walk across the Atlantic to administer another mindless speech to the loonbag leftists in Europe.

At least there are still some conservative Black people (even
if it is only about 2%) in America who realize that this fool is nothing more than a pompous ass with radical socialist ideologies to further more make minorities dependent on Government...it's the Democratic way!! It's this "Steal from the rich and give to poor" type mentality that is destroying this country; just like Bill Cosby has mentioned before.

I am sorry but Obama is nothing more than a racist bastard and I cannot believe that people are just OK with that. Some of the crap that this man, and many other Black folk in America get away with, further strengthens my opinion of the double standard that exists in America.

Blacks can say whatever the hell they want, but lo and behold a white person says anything remotely derogatory, and oh my God he or she is a racist. Blacks in America are always the first to play the damn race card and get away with it. They are the first to call foul when someone in the public eye voices an opinion regarding someone of color, yet Blacks in the US can say whatever they want about whomever they want.

There are many examples I can think of, such as Don Imus, Ted Nugent, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill O'Reilly, all of whom have been subject to some form of racial scrutiny. Of course anything racial that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ludacris, Spike Lee and a host of other racist Blacks says is regarded "freedom of speech" or is just swept under the rug.

Blacks (and Whites) are given equally opportunity in America to succeed, but both seem squander even damn opportunity that this country gives to them, and then they cry about it. Case in point is Education! Education is free in America and yet Blacks have such a high failure rate in graduating. I am sure playing basketball, being on the street and hitting the clubs at night is the solution to solving the problem that has plagued the Black culture for decades now.

Sure that also stems from the lack of having good parents, especially the lack of a father figure. Most Black males are more consumed about who they are going to "lay" next or at what damn hip hop club they can show off in. This pathetic hip hop culture has bred a generation of misfits and if you say it hasn't then explain to me the lack of respect displayed by most black males towards their women and families. The Blacks from previous generations were/are respectful, caring and resourceful, but today the are lazy, angry and resentful.

They are far to quick to blame their current position on the woes of Slavery and persecution by white people...give me a break folks!! Explain to me then how great people like Bill Cosby, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Herman Cain and Larry Elder have made it through life??

Other opportunities they squander are things like a jobs, the military or even the ability to be their own boss. There are plenty of jobs out there for people, but as the saying goes "successful people do what unsuccessful people are not prepared to do". The US military is a great way for any young man or woman who doesn't have any direction in life to become more disciplined, respectful and resourceful. So few Blacks take advantage of this great opportunity, but it seems as though the race War Lords have tarnished the reputation of the US military among the young Black people, because it is seen as a "white controlled" environment.

There are so many libraries in America where Blacks (and Whites alike) can educate themselves and develop an understanding of what it means to run and own your own business, but I know, it's requires to much reading and work for most. Not only that, it's far easier to have the Race War Lords be on "your" side and do everything for you or fill your mind with empty promises.

Can any one in their right mind give me a logical explanation as to why a lot of Blacks in America are not deemed a racist culture when they have a these Afro centric and separatist views and ideologies. What am I referring to, well let's see; Black Entertainment Tonight, Ms Black USA, United Negro College Fund and many other Black oriented groups/societies in America. Where do you see a Ms White USA or a White Entertainment TV,
point is you don't and you never will because it will be racist.

I am not here to make any friends, so if you don't like what I have to say then close the damn browser window. Another fascinating thing about a lot of Blacks in America is their animosity toward Blacks from Africa, especially those who have "made it" here. I also know of many Blacks in America, indigenous to Africa, who resent American Blacks because of the way they treat them....it's a fact!!

The Blacks from Africa know what hard work is all about and their dreams of coming to America are in pursuit of freedom, happiness and providing for their family, whereas the indolent and overly aggressive behavior displayed by most Blacks in America is not standing them in good steed. It's pretty obvious to me that there are a lot of unhappy Black people in the US and by and large they blame their current position on either the Government or White people.

Yip, it was President Bush's fault that so many Black people lost their homes in New Orleans (just like that idiot Kanye West said) and not the racist Mayor Nagen's fault at all (Where's his choclate city now?). Of course we can all pardon the pathetic home owners who didn't have any insurance or the lack of common sense to
evacuate the area, even though notice was given. Let's also not forget that the reason why most Blacks are where they are today, is because of us mean "White Folk". Yip, I am trying so hard every day to stop the success of Black people in America and let's not forget that I am also conspiring to start an all-White movement.

Like I have mentioned in other articles, if most Blacks in America feel soooo discriminated against, take offense to being called "a Black" (I am after all "a White), feel the need to distance themselves from Whites and furthermore think their culture is that of African descent after generations of being on American soil, then why don't they move back to Africa. The same can also be said for those whites who are so damn unhappy here....pick your lip up and move back to Europe.. damn Euro winnies!!

Thanks to the handful of Conservative Blacks in America, like Bill Cosby, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell and LeShawn Barber who stand up to these bed wetting Liberals and left wing morons.

So to sum it up, I believe that a lot of Blacks in America are by far the more racist in America today and they always seem to be the ones complaining about their situation, instead of doing something about it. Please read what I said!!! I didn't say ALL black people, I said A LOT.


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