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Red State Blue State

Every Presidential Election I am always amazed at how the Red State and Blue State map turns out to be predominantly Red. It seems to me that more than 75% of the States (33 or more States) would vote Republican, yet the Elections are close. How the hell do States like California and New York carry 55 and 31 respectively, when Texas who has the 2nd highest population among the states, has only 34. Then you have the State of New Jersey carrying 15 electoral votes, the same as Georgia, yet Georgia's population is larger. Go figure!!! Let's see, the most Liberal State (CA), with the 2 Liberal Senators (actually at first glance one would assume that Boxer and Pelosi are undoubtedly Republican, I mean they are posh, extremely wealthy and very corrupt - funny enough the complete opposite of what the typical democrat voter is!!!), the most illegal Aliens and 3 Sanctuary Cities has 55 Electoral votes. If we just kicked California out of the Union, or maybe sold it to Mexico (seeing as though they will be taking it over within the next 20 years or so), we would see a landslide victory for the Conservatives.

Anyway, my fascination has always been that the vast majority of America is in fact conservative and would rather see a conservative form of Government in place, than a Marxist ideology. When you look at the blue states all we see is California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and a few others in the NE. If it wasn't for the Electoral College, I have no doubt in my mind that the Republicans would be winning every election hands down. What does that tell me about Americans? As a start, I think most of us don't support social welfare programs, most of us support our military, most of us work hard for a living and a lot of us are pretty successful.

The Liberal city dwellers who find comfort in thinking that they are more intellectually gifted than us conservatives, need only research the statistics that it's Republicans who lead the way in every income group for every age range in the United States. So explain to me then you Liberal nut jobs, why we conservatives are more successful financially? Don't believe me, well then go take a look at it your self.

Yet these Libs are the first to throw insults of how the Republicans are nothing but a bunch of gun toting, religious red necks and that anyone who would vote for Sarah Palin would have to fall under the category of being a Red Neck. Gee, I guess that makes me one of them then. Hey I would take that title with my $180,000 per year salary any day over a Starbucks drinking, bed wetting pansy.

What I propose should happen in years to come, is to divide the United States. Hey look, we already have such a National divide among people right now that it's sickening. Give the above mentioned States (15 or so) to the Liberal Democrats and let them run their country the way they see fit. The US Military will have no jurisdiction in the Blue and furthermore, will not offer any support or protection either. Sure, citizens of both Red and Blue States can choose wherever they may want to live, but each will have their sovereign independence from one another. Then we will see which side prospers the most.

As it is, Republicans make up 70% of the folk who earn over $200,000 a year. More than 70% of taxes collected in the US come from the top 3% of income earners in the United States. That means that 9 million people earning $200,000 or more are footing 70% of the tax burden of the remaining 291 Million folks. So, just imagine if there were a Red and blue side; it would spell disaster for the hippies and liberals alike. I say let's do it, because I am sick to death of paying for these Liberal sociopaths that run crying to the Federal Government. Let Boxer, Reid, Pelosi, Obama and Kennedy go and run the Blue and let's standby by and watch, for another division among themselves is most likely to occur.

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