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USA - the next South Africa!

What you might say, what the hell does South Africa have to do with Politics in the United States...I believe a lot! As dispicable as what Apartheid was, it is without a doubt that I can conclude that if white people were not in control of South Africa since the beginning of the 1900's then South Africa would never have been the country that it was before the Communist ANC (African National Congress) took over. It's not a prejudice statement, but rather a fact that not many people would either recognize or believe to be true. One can look to the rest of Africa today and assume that South Africa would have inevitably been in very much a similar political climate as the rest of the continent....a disastrous mess!

Africa does not have a single country that has a thriving economy or an infrastructure that is able to support it's people. The largest cities from Lagos to Cairo, Nairobi to Kinshasa and Harare to Addis Ababa are not exactly safe havens for people. Democracies do not exist in Africa and wide spread violence and unrest has plagued the many African nations since the Colonial countries that preoccupied over the many Africa nations this century.

South Africa today, isn't any better than it was under the Apartheid era. What you might say, well it's true!! The sudden turnover of power to the ANC in 1994 was doomed from the start. How the hell can you take a country, hand over power and put people into positions of power they have no business being in in the the first place. My God, how stupid!! We watched as a monkey government took over a Parliament and has subsequently turned it into a laughing stock. How can this be, because surely it is a 'true" democracy today....well think again folks. The only thing that has changed over the past 13 years is the lack of media coverage about the atrocities that are happening in my country of birth.

With a population of around 48 Million legal citizens, and probably another 10 or 15 million illegal aliens, only 4 million are white. So what's my point!? Well let's see...in South Africa today we have Affirmative Action (BEE, the PC name for it), we have Black students that are being granted scholarships before white students regardless of academic performance, we have Universities across the country accepting only a small percentage of white students because they have to make way for the black students regardless of performance. We have Government (bare in mind this a Communist run party) run companies that try provide electricity, telephone and airlines service. All except the airlines, suck! Not only that, since the initial hand over their ability to produce sufficient services has seriously dwindled, leaving millions of people without services. It furthermore goes to show that they have no f..... idea how to run a company, let alone a country!

It has been known for quite some time now, that White farmers have been targeted, murdered and subsequently butchered (just like the white farmers in Zimbabwe). The goal has been to remove them from their lands which they have owned for generations! Just another act of genocide which the media never covers and the people around the world never get to hear. It is the goal of the black Government of South Africa to completely eradicate the white people and punish them for their so-called part in Apartheid....how asinine! And for Andrew Young, the so-called well respected Black Activist from Atlanta, to say that it's OK for the blacks to kill whites is sickening. He is a damn racist and a bigot to say the least....he can go to hell as far as I'm concerned!

Pretty soon South Africa will become another Zimbabwe and everything that was once prosperous and thriving will become a war zone and shit hole like the rest of Africa. Then you will see millions of blacks dying just like they are in Zimbabwe today and by then most of the white people will have immigrated to other more civilized countries. You probably think this is utter BS, well click on the links for yourself and you can witness for the true identity of the Black culture that exists in South Africa today.


Andrew Young's words: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=23871

AND HERE WE HAVE A WONDERFUL BLACK MUSLIM PRIEST IN AMERICA, PREACHING A PEACE LOVING SERMON...My Desert Eagle and MP5 is loaded and waiting for this FSOB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTFLBNb6lQk&eurl


YOU JUDGE FOR YOURSELF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyW3LUJ5Gkc


More proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJBlBgmD-Gw

PLEASE BE WARNED, INTENSE AND DISTURBING GRAPHICS: http://www.africancrisis.org/Photos45.asp

These clip clearly show the Black run Government's hatred toward white people. Calling a white person a racist today is an absolute joke in my opinion. In addition, these clips show the problems that America will face in future with the obvious hatred that a lot of Black people have toward white people in this country. There are more damn black racist ministers/pastors in America that use their right to free speech to preach words of hatred and violence against white people. The ANC is the biggest bunch of damn racists that exist in South Africa today, and their blatant song lyrics of their military wing are evidence of that... "kill the white people". It's really comforting to know that world support for this pathetic and racist government is accepted, and that my family has to suffer under circumstances that one would have hoped would have been resolved.

I think it's a damn disgrace and complete and utter hypocrisy that a United States President can have meetings with the current Administration of South Africa!! It's high time people around the world knew exactly what is going on in South Africa and call for an end of this Totalitarianism. There has been no progression since 1994, only oppression in reverse and this is what is going to happen in America. There is complete reverse discrimination in South Africa today, but the rest of the world doesn't hear or see a damn thing! But wait, because the same crap is going to happen here in America in future. I mean look what we have in this Country today:

Black Entertainment Tonight
Black USA Pageant
United Negro College Fund

Black Universities

My God, can anyone imagine if we were to have an only white Miss USA Pageant....we would be racists, not so!? And we have old Imus being fired for a NON racial remark about "nappy headed ho's", but yet we have a clown running for President who's best pal and pastor has an obvious Hatred towards white folk. Even better Obama doesn't want to wear an American flag on his lapel...yeah I guess you folk think he is so "American". Well kiss my ass...there is nothing American about this fool other than his damn accent and the fact that he can play a little ball...BFD!

You may disagree with what I am saying here, but if you have never been to South Africa or never set foot outside the United States then you have no damn idea what I am talking about...so shut your trap! As matter of fact if you don't know anything about History or Politics then you are not even entitled to damn opinion. The USA is facing economic and politcal turmoil if the people don't wake up and accept each other and get rid of these radical leftist bastards and treasonous Politicians who are destroying American culture... All you white candy ass Liberals and you Black hate mongerers, get the f.... out of the US and go live in Communist Europe or Africa. I am sure you will find other places that are more welcoming to you than this country...yeah right, that's why half of the free world wants to immigrate to the US!

Just so that you know, there are many Blacks that do not support the current Communist Government of South Africa and many fear for the future of South Africa, and rightly so! I nor my friends and family have never played a part in any group's radical attempts to stagnate and enslave any people or their culture.

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