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In Sickness & in Health

What has always been interesting to me, is to see how different cultures live from continent to continent, and what illnesses and diseases affect people in so many different ways. People from first world countries tend to have completely different ailments than those from third world countries.

Here in America especially, the leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer and strokes. Why, because of all the crap that we eat and the fact that we are a lazy people. Not true you say, well then you don't have a brain and therefore you are not intelligent enough to have an opinion. The number of American's that eat crap is astounding. Just look at our youth; they are fat and lazy, and what's worse is that they show the least amount of intellectual ability than all their peers in other first world countries.

Adults in America are not doing too bad themselves apparently. If it's not the fast food or deliciously rich and fatty Restaurant food that is killing you, then it is most certainly the wonderful and wholesome nutritious "boxed" foods in grocery stores that are. You dim wits out there who buy products that have artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or that are enriched, are so intelligent. These foods are what is polluting your body and your mind. Parents that feed their kids these so-called nutritious foods that have enriched wheat, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetners, Red #40, Blue#3 etc, etc are signing a death warrant for their kids, let alone themselves.

Stress, the lack of exercise and eating crap is what is causing Americans to die from heart disease, cancer and strokes. I know it's so difficult for most of you to comprehend, and let's not forget that because the FDA has said that it is OK to eat or drink, that means it's safe for Johnny and Sarah, right! Dumb Ass, is all I have to say! If you think that, then your an idiot. The FDA doesn't know anything about what is good or fit for human consumption, because if they did they wouldn't be allowing children to be taking prescriptive medication from such a young age.

Since the introduction of artificial colors and flavors into foods from the 50's, people in the US have subsequently become more susceptible to Cancer and Heart disease. But wait, I know, how silly of me. I don't have my Phd in medicine and doctors know absolutely everything there is know about health and nutrition, after all they did study so hard in Medical School. Yeah , but they forgot just one thing....they didn't study the effects of food and exercise on the body. Of course they are taught what medications are good for you, and that if you are a diabetic then gobbling down a chocolate or 2 a day just to keep your blood sugar in check is good for you. Of course instant gratification is far better than treating the actual cause or illness.

Living in polluted cities, drinking polluted water, eating "artificial foods" and sitting on your fat ass all day long is what is ultimately going to be the death of you. Offended? too bad. If you think your doctor is the one who you can put your trust in when you are sick then you're an idiot. Do you know just how many cases of misdiagnosis there are in the US, or even better just how many people there are that have been on some form of prescriptive medication that has either lead to dependancy on the drug or serious side affects....too damn many.

People in Africa or rural South America don't die from Cancer, Heart Disease or Stroke, they die from Malaria, Aids and Ebola. Viruses that consume the human body! The African continent is not riddled with fast food restaurants and junk food, but rather plagued with tropical diseases, famine and viruses. Hence one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to equate that what we are eating here in the US is what is killing us. The same artificial dyes that are used to color your favorite golf shirt, are used in coloring Johnny's strawberry yogurt, his red jello and those candy-coated red M&M's.

In Africa, meats, grains, potatoes and milk are staple foods that people rely on to survive. They are NOT enriched, they are NOT artificial, they are NOT pumped up with steroids and they do NOT have shelf lives of 1 week or more. I am not try to say that what they are eating is healthier, because their food may very well be contaminated with Salmonella or other water/food related contaminants. That is due to unsanitary living conditions and a lack of education on how to properly grow crops and deliver food to the table.

What I am trying to point out here people, is that we can overcome these illnesses and sicknesses here in America and become less dependent on healthcare and medicine. Cancer and Heart Disease are related to your indolent and ignorant lifestyle. I do care about the well being of all people, but if you are too stupid to understand difference between what is healthy and what is not, then you deserve to be plagued with these illnesses. And please, don't give me this crap of "oh well, my mother or father had it and the doctor told me that is in my genes". This crazy notion that people are predisposed to all these diseases and illness is a load of dog squeeze. Yeah sure some are, the same way some people are predisposed to being larger or smaller.....ectomorph or mesomorph (that is a true disposition).

Obesity is not one of them, but can be in very rare cases. Look, if you take a fat person who claims that they just cannot lose weight, but yet they hit McDonalds everyday, binge when they shouldn't and don't do a shred of exercise, then there is no excuse. I can prove it and here is how. Fly them over to the Sahara Desert, strap them to a palm under a bedouin tent. Feed them portions of fruit, vegetables and meat, and get their asses on a treadmill. In a month, there be a complete transformation....I guarantee you. I am planning on a wonderful TV commercial to advertise this incredible "Get away and lose weight" package to the Sahara.


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