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What Change?

What CHANGE are you people looking for?? Does a black President, or a even a Woman as President constitute change in your minds? Or wait, what about a foreigner as President, yeah that's a great idea, after all that might constitute change for some.

What about higher taxes (especially on the wretched rich folks right, because they don't deserve it), more government hand outs, more government intervention, a weaker Military, affirmative action, redistribution of wealth, keeping American businesses offshore and free healthcare; is this the kind of CHANGE you are hoping for?? If so, then the future of America is doomed.

If Obama, and you left wing loons who support him, think that raising taxes on the top income earners of the US and then raise Corporate Taxes is going to solve America's financial situation, then we are all screwed. Furthermore it's not "the Patriotic" thing to do as Biden said; what a clutz. Considering that there are so many whiners complaining about how bad the US economy is doing right now, it will most certainly be catastrophic to raise taxes on Corporations, let alone individuals. If you can't figure that out for yourselves then you're a fool. American Businesses will continue to manufacture off shore, invest in other countries and ultimately raise the cost of goods onto YOU, the consumer, to compensate for the increased corporate taxes. His tax proposal is nothing more than a damned distribution of wealth, from the haves to have nots. It's funny how the have nots always tend to HAVE an Apple iPhone or iPod, a car, Xbox or money to eat out. Instead of sitting on their asses and complaining, WHY DON'T THEY QUIT COMPLAINING EDUCATE THEMSELVES AND GET A BETTER JOB.

Once again, I have to make further reference to the FAIRTAX PLAN!!! It will not only save the American economy, but millions of American families will be liberated from their struggling situation. The Plan is so simple and logical.

Here is the PLAN in a nutshell:
1.) Abolish the IRS (along with 66,000+ pages of tax code, yes you read that number correctly!!)
2.) Let people and businesses earn and make money TAX FREE, including investments.
3.) Raise the National Retail Sales Tax by 1% (in other words the embedded sales tax for the cost of every consumer good would increase from the current 23% to a miniscule 24%)
4.) You get to keep every dime you earn from your Employer and will ultimately receive a check back from the Government for the basic necessities of life... YES THAT'S RIGHT!!!
5.) With this plan implemented we will see illegals and tourists alike contributing to the Treasury, by the purchase of a simple consumer good.

Let's take an analogy. Say a single mother with 2 kids earns $40,000 a year. Under the current tax system she would be taxed at a rate of 25%, meaning that $10,000 would go straight to the Federal Government. That equates to $833 per month!!! Now I ask you folks, isn't that money you would rather have in your pockets and spend it the way you see fit? With that $833 the single mom could buy health insurance if she didn't have, educate her children or herself, help with car payments and even save or invest in a IRA account. In addition to that she would get a check every month from the Federal Government for the basic necessities of life. Nope, but instead we would rather waddle around like a bunch of lost sheep and not give a hoot.

Government hand outs... yip, a long history the Democratic Party has had of "giving to the people" in order to win votes. If you have read the incredible piece on my home page that Alexander Tyler wrote (Why a Democracy cannot exist), you will see just how manipulative this Party is and has been since Roosevelt implemented Social Security back in 1935. I quote from Alexander Tyler, "From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

How true this statement is to any stable country with a thriving economy. That is exactly what Obama and the Liberals are all in favor of, more Government intervention, more hand outs, more taxes on the "evil rich folks" and more "ass kissing".

Is a National Healthcare Plan going to save Americans, hell no!! While the concept is great and every numbskull I talk to who favors the idea points to Canada and the UK's "socialized healthcare" programs, it's doomed for failure. It's inevitable to fail and will one day become a burden of who else....yeah, you guessed it, the Top Income earners of the US. If we were to abolish the IRS we would be able to afford Health Insurance, among other things. The Canadians health care system is in dire straits and if you don't believe me read for yourself.

Another great idea Obama has for change is to halt all further progress with America's missile defense systems...doesn't this strike you as somewhat peculiar??? Call me a nut case, but this bone head has something up his sleeve. There is no damned way I am going to be jumping around a street banging a tambourine with a bunch of hippie liberals in a three ringed circus, shouting chants of "CHANGE" or "OBAMA", while this idiot has ideas of weakening our Military and Defense projects. To raise my point again, how the hell is a Military that is over 80% Conservative going to support a candy ass like Obama? Next thing we will have him outlawing gun rights and then having the Conservative Military up against the people because he wants them to surrender all their weapons. HAHAHA, yeah like that will ever happen.

Affirmative Action; Oh boy, this is a wonderful thing to debate. Yet another ideology that Obama favors for America, especially seen as though minorities are so discriminated against. Yeah, well if that's the case, why don't these young minorities clean up the damned act first instead of trying to look like a bunch of thugs and gangsters and then maybe someone would take them serious or want to hire them. In addition, they should try and speak proper English and act in a civil manner, not like some retard that stepped out of Rap Video. Affirmative Action isn't go to fly. Look at the State of Michigan, no doubt a thriving State once, but now that Affirmative Action has been introduced the State is suffering. Sure the fact that the Giant car manufacturers and dreaded Unions have forced them to close their doors, but one can certainly attribute the failing economy to affirmative action as well. Here are a few articles to show Obama's support for Affirmative Action....IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW!!!

Example 1
Example 2

As a conclusion, I only see CHANGE from Obama as being a well educated Black man, with extreme social and liberal views, hip-hopping and fist pumping around the White House. Think what the hell you want of me, but the next thing we will have on the list of change by this "genius" are the portraits of Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson in the White House being replaced by Jeremiah Wright and Allah. The American flag and Star Spangled Banner will no doubt be seen as racist toward minorities and CHANGE will inevitably mean a NEW flag for the better of ALL PEOPLE. As it is, Obama to this day will not cite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag... oh, how retarded of me I forgot, I can't call that unpatriotic.

Notice, Obama will not say the Pledge of Allegiance nor did he want to where an American Flag on his shirt lapel.

Yip, Pennsylvania Avenue will have it's named changed to Martin Luther King Avenue and the Lincoln Memorial will no doubt be removed and replaced with Frederick Douglass. Last but not least, Washington DC will undoubtedly become some Afro Centrist name, because the current name of Washington bears obvious racist ties towards Black folk.

You all can laugh and think what you will of this topic, but do yourselves a favor; go and research what has happened in South Africa since the Government was handed over to the ANC in 1994. City names have changed, the Flag changed, the National Anthem changed, streets all over changed, Old Monuments (100 to 150 year old structures) were broken down, the Military changed (became weaker) and subsequently the economy changed... it went South, way South!!!

What we need, is to resort back to the fundamentals and beliefs of our founding fathers; language, borders, culture, freedom and individual liberty (especially from Government!!!). Where working hard to achieve success, whatever that measure may be for some, was what built the backbone of this outstanding nation for us to enjoy today. We need the morals and discipline that were practiced before, to save a culture and a nation that in my opinion, is the greatest country on earth... the United States of America.

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