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Religion and one's faith is always a touchy subject with most people, but I on the other hand love talking about it. No matter which way you look at it there have been more wars waged in this world in the name of people's Religious beliefs, than for any other reason. As you may or may not know, I am not a supporter of the Muslim faith, and neither do I see the religion of Islam ever being a peaceful or loving religion. To some people I am sure they do, but to me you can kiss my Dessert Eagle! If I offend you over your religion, to damn bad!

Before you start thinking I am a complete lunatic, let me describe my upbringing from a religious perspective. I was born into a Methodist Christian family. From the young age of 6 I started attending Sunday School, and quite frankly, I rather enjoyed it. Every Sunday, well just about, we attended Church. I have absolutely no regrets and can honestly say that the message that was preached to me throughout my childhood was very encouraging and positive. We weren't Religious fanatics or even "die hard" religious people, even though my Mother read her scriptures every night before bed.

Even in our schools in South Africa, religion was practiced, something which I think should be made mandatory in American schools (look at these damn brats here in the US today, they are a freaking disgrace if you ask me). We would typically start the day with a prayer and a small passage from the Bible and it wouldn't last longer than about 5 or 8 minutes, and none of us would ever have a problem with it. Why the hell is it such a problem or big deal here. Screw all the other religions or the people you might offend and read the kids a paragraph or two from the scriptures (from the Bible that is), and if their parents don't like it send them on their merry way to look for another damn school.

At around age 18 my church going services came to an abrupt end. I look at it as the point in my life where my brain started to think and realize things from a more logically perspective. In addition, I was also tired of the hypocritical lifestyle that not only I was living, but most Adults who were supposedly meant to be devout "Christians". Having said that, I do to this day believe that the Christian message the Bible preaches is a very loving, positive and compassionate one, especially for young kids of today.

If you think you are such a devout Christian, or whatever your faith may be, knowing very well what the Bible says and tells you to do, you are a hypocrite as well. The Bible is riddle with instances where if you do this you are a sinner, or if you do that you're going to hell. What's amazing is how in the Christian faith there are so many sects or "break away" faiths. Everyone feeling the need to belong to a certain "belief group".

Do you know why you even belong to a certain faith, or why people attend certain Religious sermons? It's fear, people, including you, are scared. Wrong you might say, well then prove it to me. Now I agree that people go to church to give Thanks to the Lord, worship His name and ask for forgiveness, but for the most part it is a "coping mechanism". You don't go to church to meet people and be best buddies. The truth is that people are afraid of death or the fear of the unknown "afterlife", if I can refer to it as that. Associating one's self to a Religion is easier for most people to cope with in the event of death. The afterlife is one chapter in ours lives that know one can give us an answer to, except the scriptures. Well not for me folks. While I do believe in God, the supreme being, I don't believe that repentance is the only way to God's world, otherwise known as heaven.

I believe that I am a person with good moral character, who respects others, is accepting of people and loves the world we live in. Therefore I know that my place in the afterlife will be bliss. The absurd notion that the only way into "God's Kingdom" is through being a believer in your faith is so backward thinking for me. I tell you what, if you think your Pedophile priest at your Catholic Church or your radical Jihadist Imam at your mosque is holier than me, then you need your damn head screwed on properly.

I think we as adults misinterpret things we read quite a bit, and I am guilty of that. God, all I need to do is pick up a Law book and I will probably interpret the OJ Simpson case scripts as him being guilty....I don't think I would make for a good Attorney! You know there always seems to be so many scholars giving conflicting answers to the age of religions. Christianity has supposedly been around since the execution of Jesus Christ, Islam since 610 to 622 AD somewhere and who cares, Judaism around 1400 BC making it one of the oldest religions, Buddhism since around 500 BC and then Hinduism regarded as the oldest at around 1500 BC.

The reason I am pointing this out to you folks is that it doesn't take half a brain cell to think for yourself and try and come up with some logically conclusion that your religion is not "the one". Don't come and tell me this crap that you have faith. Yeah, well so do I and I always will until the day I die. I believe in God, and I believe in love, so just because I don't believe in what you religion stands for, you condemn me.....what a hypocrite!

Ever played broken telephone? I am sure you have!! How many times does the word or phrase get messed up from start to finish...too many in just a short period of time. How do you know that the message hasn't been changed or rewritten over the centuries to satisfy the clerics at the time. A case in point is Catholicism, and there seems to be an awful lot of mysticism around the writings and beliefs during the Middle Ages. Now I personally am intrigued by Catholicism and Judaeism because of the mysticism that surrounds the Religions. To me it's not logical to believe in writings or scriptures where no proof of events can be portrayed, especially that of the Old Testament. I know, I know, back we come to the whole thing about having faith.....gee how silly of me to forget!!

Religious fanatics across all faiths are so quick to point out that it can be proven if you have faith, and then when you ask them how, they say, because the Bible said so, or Allah told them so......give me a break OK! Why don't Christians believe in the theory that man could have evolved from an earlier form of Homo Sapien to what we are today; where is their belief now!?

Here is my analogy to you: The same way a Christian is willing to refute the existence of Homo Sapien life hundreds of thousands of years ago through scientific Carbon dating, I would hope that they would be willing to deem a rapist innocent if they were to ever use scientific DNA testing to prove him guilty of raping their loved one. In my opinion this analogy is truly representative of the ignorance that exists in all religions across the world.

I am sure a lot of you people are probably wondering what I do believe in. Quite simply, my beliefs today follow that of a Taoist (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taoism) to certain degree, but I still believe that Christianity and Judaeism deliver a positive and loving message to people, when practiced with an open mind.

Taoism is the English name referring to a variety of related Chinese philosophical traditions and concepts. These traditions influenced East Asia for over two thousand years and some have spread internationally. Taoist propriety and ethics emphasize the Three Jewels of the Tao; namely, compassion, moderation, and humility. Taoist thought focuses on wu wei ("non-action"), spontaneity, humanism, and emptiness. An emphasis is placed on the link between people and nature. Taoism teaches that this link lessened the need for rules and order, and leads one to a better understanding of the world.

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